Basic Crating & Packaging specializes in US Government and Military-spec design packaging.
Our expertise in protective packaging encompasses marketplaces including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, transportation and dangerous goods.
Whether it’s for the deployment of military goods or a manufacturer’s inventory, BCP delivers packing services and labeling systems to exceed compliance standards.


• Packing, packaging and marking of products being shipped to the government according to military
• Creation of all required mil- spec labels that includes unit, intermediate,
exterior, military shipping labels, (MSLs), RFIDs and UIDs
• Training on how to navigate through the WAWF system
• Consulting on what government inspectors look for during inspections
• Consulting on how to interpret Government contracts and packing and packaging Specs
• Consulting on first article tests
• Warehousing of items


To ensure ultimate packaging protection, we match goods with precise bags, wraps, and boxing materials. It does not matter if the product requires protection from moisture, corrosion, mold, static electricity, aromas, oxygen or even ultraviolet (UV) rays, our engineers will design a reliable, cost-efficient packaging method. 

The requirements for packaging and preservation originate in bid-packages and contracts either explicitly or indirectly via DFARs clauses. Failure to comply with packaging and preservation requirements can be costly and negatively impact future contracting opportunities.

Missed Packaging and Preservation compliance will lead to the shipment being rejected at the destination and suspended payment. In that case the contractor’s quality score suffers and the shipment may be returned. Sometimes the contractor will need to reimburse the government for the materials and effort to repackage the goods.

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